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Dead or Alive 5 Bunny Angels and Devils

In the last days, Team Ninja released pics of the pre-order bonuses we'll be getting for reserving DOA5 in Gamestop and We'll be getting bikinis of course. It wouldn't be a DOA game if they didn't make us pre-order to see the girl with less clothes. 

But anyway. Amazon customers will be getting the Bunny Devils, black bikinis for Tina, Ayane and Christie and Gamestop ones will be getting Bunny Angels, the same thing but in white for Leifang, Kasumi and Hitomi. We still have no word on whether the rest of the girls will get these. Lisa, Kokoro, Helena and the new girl, Mila. I'm fortunately getting both for the Xbox 360 since I'll end up owning three copies of the game. Sweet!

Look at the pics:

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