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Dead or Alive 5 gameplay worries

I know that I'm a huge, huge fan of the DOA series and that no matter what, I'm gonna buy the game for both consoles, break it down as best as I can and become as good on it as my shitty geographical situation allows me to. I've always played fighting games but I was wrong on how they're supposed to be played at high-level, which is exactly what I'm looking for in DOA5. I thought that DOA4's nothing-is-guaranteed gameplay was the best thing ever but the truth was just the opposite of that. I still love the game and consider it one of my favorite games ever but sadly, I was never able to go beyond a certain skill level because I simply never had anyone to play the game with and going fully online with that game was not a good possibility for me. 

Which brings me to my current situation with the DOA5 hype. I'm in love with everything that they've been showing but more than the stages, graphics and bikinis, which are very, very good. I've been paying more attention to the gameplay, how it resembles similar games like Tekken and Virtua Fighter and learning lots and lots in FreeStepDodge. The hardcore community for the series where many members have taught me many things about not only DOA, but the fighting-game genre itself.

They're very worried that many of the changes to the gameplay, like the ability to guarantee full combos using the new unholdable stuns won't be very useful for some of the characters. Right now Leifang and Lisa have been stated to not take full advantage of it for different reasons. This information can be found in the IGN's 12 days of DOA5 articles written by a member of FreeStepDodge named DrDogg. I know the guy and I can say his words can be trusted but I can't help but feel that we won't know for sure if the game and these specific characters will be good or not until the game releases, people who know what they're talking about break the game down and offline tournaments start to happen.

These statements from high-level players worry me a lot because I actually have many plans in my head right now to dedicate most of my gaming time to DOA5 and I'd even like to fly at least twice in 2013 to an international event for a game's tournament. I've never done anything like that and I just feel that something like that is needed in my life, or else I'll be very, very frustrated for the rest of my existence. But if the game doesn't end up being good and popular from a competitive point-of-view, all my dreams will be crushed and I'll be left with the same DOA2U and DOA4 scenario. Enjoy the game online. 

I just feel extremely frustrated because I know that no matter my efforts, I'll be alone for DOA5 in my country. I have some friends who say they're interested in the game but I'm 100% sure that all they're gonna achieve is memorizing a few strings and the mid-punch hold without really knowing (or even caring to know) what they're doing. I refuse for that to be my experience with the game. I'm tired of constantly trying for people here to pay attention to the good games and them just refusing them or paying attention to the wrong things in those games. I especially get mad when someone knows the entire storyline behind a fighting-game character like Kyo Kusanagi and costumes but when they play the game, they're unable to even land a single combo. That's very normal in my offline gaming environment and I want that to stop. I was never able to achieve anything in other games I liked like Virtua Fighter 5 (the game that makes me hate my gaming community the most), BlazBlue and The King of Fighters XIII and I don't want that to happen with Dead or Alive 5.

I already have a plan for a worst-case scenario in which I'd just stop playing offline and focus in online gameplay and single-player games. But the fact that I need to have a plan like these for a game I'm so hyped about just makes me reassure that things around here are very, very wrong. And they won't change no matter what efforts I make to turn things the right way.

A "gaming" (read: otaku) event will be held in my city by the end of the year and I offered myself to organize tournaments for Dead or Alive 5, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Gears of War 3 and Halo 4. I would take care of everything. From finding the players and taking care of their transport to finding the equipment in which the tourneys would be played. All I'd need from the event is a stand to hold the tournaments. But my offer was arbitrarily shut down because the owner of the event is a fanboy and a terrible gamer and person overall. He simply said "no". Besides, the "gaming events" and Comic-cons in my city simply end up being otaku events with horrible weaboos and bad cosplayers. (You can check the photo galleries of any geeky event here to know I'm right). I literally spent the entire weekend very angry at everything because of this and as I'm writing this I just feel really bad for the gaming community in this place. That plus many things happening in my life right now make everything even worse.

That's why I want DOA5 to be as solid as possible and it having a good net-coding because I'm almost completely sure that my passion for a competitive scene in my country will never be seen no matter what. Not even inside my circle of friends. So this leaves me very frustrated but with a strong desire for the game to be good and the guys in other countries like Japan, USA and England to build the tournaments the game needs to make it to huge events like EVO for me to fly to. I really want this and I hope I can one day sit in a computer and make a post in this blog about my experiences in a DOA5 offline tournament with good players.

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