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Gravity Rush finished!

I finished Gravity Rush tonight and I enjoyed it a lot. Definitely a must-have for everyone with a Vita out there. The world, main character, gameplay and music are incredible but the story is a bit confusing. Well... not a bit, it's REALLY confusing to the point where I finished the game and I didn't understand hell of what happened at the end. I'm not quite sure if there are different endings. Gotta investigate that but the one I got was reaaally open-ended and left way too many plot holes. A sequel in the works? Perhaps. But what I'm sure of is that GR is one fucking hell of a game.

I'll be reviewing the game most likely tomorrow after I read a bit about its world and the story. I still feel like I don't know many important things. But trust me, gameplay and graphics-wise, this is a huge title and it's impressive to get stuff like this in a portable console. Now I'm more than sure the Vita potential to be a great console in the near future. 

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