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Helena confirmed the worst character in DOA5

This is another match between Lisa and Helena. I've got confirmation that Helena is the worst character in the game. From the two videos, Shimbori's words in an interview and the IPL breakdown done by DrDogg, we're now 100% sure that she's lacking in pretty much every aspect. 

PP2KP is gone. Her main juggle and combo finisher, is gone. P+K doesn't crush highs anymore. These two things alone are a complete disappointment. She's extremely unsafe, her DOA4 safe attacks are now throw-punishable. She still has no way to go from Normal stance to BT without going to Bokuho first. No sidesteps, low throws or holds in any of her two stances.

Her damage output is terrible. There's no need to be a genious to see that she's the weakest character in the game so far when compared to the damage others can do. Especially monsters like Jann Lee, Bass, Akira or Rig. Most of her good moves are mid punches, including her sit-down stuns and Critical Burst. Her 214P+F doesn't guarantee anything. In short, she's crap.

I'm very disappointed about this. I've been waiting for a year for today and the news made me have a terrible day. A few fans and I made an elaborated list of possible "easy-to-do" changes to buff her to at least mid-tier level but to be honest, I don't think there's enough time. The game is out in a month.

This means that I probably won't be maining her for tournament and hardcore play. Which is a complete let-down because I wanted to live what I couldn't in DOA4 with her. Fortunately, Jann Lee and Tina are looking very solid just like Eliot, Rig and Kokoro which also interest me a lot. 

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