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Kingdom Hearts 3D almost finished

Wow, this game is giving me many problems towards the end. As I mentioned when I got it, I started it in Proud Mode, which is the "Hard" difficulty settings and I have to say that I enjoyed it very much from the beginning until the set of "final boss battles" for both campaigns with Sora and Riku. The game was very challenging but nice, it required skill and knowing how to play and use the abilities and spells correctly but the final battles against Ansem, Xemnas and Young Xehanort are a complete pain in the ass. I'm already done with Ansem and Xemnas but Young Xehanort is the hardest boss I've faced since I tried Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in Master Ninja. 

I think that's the final battle before I'm done with the game, which has me very frustrated because I thought I'd have the game done today and be able to start Xenoblade and maybe Modern Warfare 3 tomorrow but after getting my ass kicked for like the 50th time by Xehanort, I decided I'll have to level grind to get better strength, magic and defense stats for the final battle. I was in level 39 and actually managed to stand my ground sometimes but the boss was just too strong and was able to kill me in two hits, sometimes it only took him one strong magic spell to kill Riku. (I already finished Sora's story after another extremely annoying fight agains Xemnas).

But the game is very very cool, I'm enjoying myself and know that once I defeat that fucker I'll get a lot of satisfaction from it. I want to finish the game and see the actual ending before writing my review for it, which I'm pretty sure will be done by the weekend. If you have a 3DS you need to get your hands on this game, it's pretty awesome. Though you might want to start playing it in standard mode because Proud can be a little "too" hard sometimes. 

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