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Kingdom Hearts 3D unboxing!

My favorite local gaming store got a bunch of Kingdom Hearts 3D copies, some of them in Collector's Edition form or "Mark of Mastery Edition" how the game is really called. I've never been much into KH but when I saw the contents included on the back of the box I purchased it right away (it wasn't that expensive to be honest).

I started the game tonight and I'm impressed. I chose the Proud difficulty right away and now think I'll probably regret it later. But I'm just learning the game so I think it's a matter of getting used to it. It's very nice though I honestly don't like having some weird pokemon thingies as party members instead of Donald and Goofy. I hope they join me later. 

The game also has a weird system of transition between Sora and Riku where it just interrupts whatever you're doing and switches to the other character. Weird but well, this is Kingdom Hearts after all. The story is not making any sense to me as well. Fortunately there are tons of wikis out there to fill me in (and the other games which are sitting on my shelves, unplayed).

But anyway, I took some pictures of the Mark of Mastery edition of the game and its contents. Enjoy.

The box of the game's Collector's Edition.

Box with the cover.

Opening the box we find some of its contents like the game itself and the postcard holder.

The CE includes the KH3D game, some AR cards to unlock monsters in the game, a case for the 3DS and some very beautiful postcards for each game in the series.

These are some of the postcards included inside. Each one resembles a game in the series from KH1 for the PS2 to KH3D.

The inside of the box has these couple of images. Very pretty.

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