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Modern Warfare 2 campaign impressions

Out of complete boredom and wanting to finish a quick game of those I haven't played, I decided to have a go with MW2's campaign. I'm very disappointed I have to say. Unlike Black Ops which I must admit I liked a lot, the campaign in MW2 was completely anticlimatic and boring for the most part. I don't know what the hell is wrong with CoD games on PS3 but in my opinion, the graphics are shit. I don't remember CoD3, 4 or Black Ops looking this bad on Xbox 360 when I played them.

I personally don't like the series very much and think that it's fame is more a of an advertisement success rather than the games themselves. But COD4 and BO did have quality on them. But let's go to the small details: First of all, the all-famous mission "No Russian" was laughable at best. In the very fist part where the terrorists shoot the people waiting in line, I saw AT LEAST 15 of them die using the same animation at the same time. The same thing happened when the bad guys shot some other group of civilians from the second floor of the airport. It was a complete disaster. The game is terribly animated, most weapons just do the same things and, at least on PS3, the graphics and sound aren't good at all. Besides that, I can't stand that the entire screen turns red when you're hurt and it becomes impossible to see anything. 

The game is fun. I see it as a first-person-shooter version of Dynasty Warriors where you're just thrown in an arena to kill hordes of enemy soldiers who look the same for the most part, as if this were GoldenEye 007 and have to make it from point A to point B. Ah, the story is boring as fuck as well. Nothing compared to the plot twists in Black Ops and even less to Halo's immense sci-fi universe or Resistance's badass war against the Chimera. Yes, for me, Resistance is a far better franchise than Call of Duty.

The good news is that I got the game done in two nights and probably won't touch it ever again. One less game to finish, yay! Now to kill the final bosses in Kingdom Hearts 3D!

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