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Wow I'm really hooked to this FF rhythm game. It's just so awesome to someone like me who always listens to the franchise's soundtracks on a daily basis. Most of my favorite songs like Blinded by Light, Four Valiant Hearts and One-Winged Angel are there (Yeah I actually like OWA a lot). I'm currently trying to unlock as many characters as I can to form the parties I want to work together. I already maximized two of those to level 99. The first one is Bartz, Lightning, Cloud and Terra (My main party) and the second one was The Warrior of Light, Squall, Tidus and Shantotto.  

From what I remember right now, the guys I have unlocked so far are Minwu, FF3 Cid, Rydia, Aerith, Seifer, Vivi, Yuna and Ashe. Some of the ones I want are still hidden like Locke, Snow and Sephiroth. I hope I can get them tomorrow or this Thursday so I can just go with the DLC and grind my way to level 99 again and again.

I'll be reviewing the game before the weekend along with Gravity Rush if I manage to finish it by then. I can tell from now that most of my comments about Theatrhythm will be very positive except for recommending the title exclusively to fans of the series. That is, people who will actually appreciate and recognize the songs in the game. But for now, I'm all for enjoying it. KEEP THE DARK NOTES COMING!

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