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A quick update on Xenoblade

Wow, have I really not posted anything in ten days¿ That's a big no-go on my part. I've pretty much been doing nothing interesting lately other than playing Xenoblade like an addict. The game turns better and better as you keep advancing. I think I'm already getting near the end but knowing these JRPG plot twists I could very well be halfway through the game. 

Though I'm not particularly a fan of any of the characters, they're all pretty awesome gameplay-wise. Shulk (the main protagonist) is a fucking monster dealing damage with that Monado sword. The dude deals 1200 with each auto-attack hit while the others are around 700-1000. That's without mentioning Melia, the mage girl who deals around 500-600 but she shouldn't be near any enemies with her defense and HP stats. All characters have specific uses and attributes. I really like how Riki destroys enemies dealing debuff after debuff. I hate Reyn but he's a great tank and with certain buff I can make him block and evade most attacks aimed at him. Melia is not my favorite mage in RPGs (That'd have to go to Jade from Tales of the Abyss or Rita from Tales of Vesperia) but she's solid, able to buff the party and deal great damage and debuffs to the enemies from a safe distance.


You might want to skip this specific paragraph because it has a heavy spoiler about a party member, ok¿ here goes: Fiora is excellent once you get her back, she's an extremely powerful damage dealer but I'd recommend having her with a tank like Reyn or Dunban in the party because she's so strong that she'll be absorbing too much aggro and she's not good in the defense/HP factors. A great party to use her is Dunban, Fiora and Riki. 


The areas are HUGE and with lots and lots of variety on enemies, terrain, quests and things to do. This is definitely one of the best, if not THE best game in the Wii. You've just got to try it out. I'll try to keep the updates coming for it. 

I'm currently waiting for my Tekken Tag Tournament 2 copy to arrive but I'm worried because there's a "slight" chance I'll be getting Dead or Alive 5 near launch and if that's the case then I won't be playing TTT2 at all. I also got my Kirby 20th anniversary copy. It's excellent, cute and I'm once again proud to say I love Kirby.

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