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Gaming update 09/12

OK So I finished Modern Warfare 3 and I'm very surprised. Unlike the piece of shit that MW2 was, the third game was actually very fun. Great weapons, locations, story, pace, graphics and sound made the experience really enjoyable. I don't like the multiplayer very much to be honest. I'm more of a Halo guy over that department but Spec-Ops is reaaally good. I tried it both offline and online and it's very fun. I'll most likely review the game during the week.

I started God of War III after about a year owning the game. This backlog thing is killing me and I'm trying to go through all my games as best as my vacations allow me to. I gotta say that while the game's world is fantastic and the graphics and sound are top-notch, the gameplay is killing the entire thing. Maybe it's just me but God of War's gameplay is just too dull for me. I'm going through the entire game by pressing square, square, triangle in every fight because if I attempt another string I get hit ALL THE TIME and don't even get me started on changing weapons. I dunno, the gameplay lacks too much. That roll movement is too unsafe in most occasions and I find the defensive game too uncomfortable too. Dunno, maybe it's just me. Those QTE are excellent though. The game is brutal.

Xenoblade is getting better and better. I was a little bit doubtful at first as you probably noticed from my previous article on it but now that I got another good party member, I won't have to use the homosexual Wakka-wannabe that is Reyn. Sharla is really crappy too except for curing so I'm very excited to get the mage girl to replace her. The story is turning more and more interesting as I progress. I'm already about to get inside the Bionis' waist so I have no idea if I'm still in the beginning of the game. What I do know is that it's excellent and if you manage to look past the early-Gamecube graphics, you'll have a blast with this game. The areas' sized are exaggerated, too big! I think that the foot, leg and waist of the Bionis alone are bigger than Skyrim, and Skyrim is BIG.

Anyway, I'll keep posting things as I get farther into each game. My next review will be for Modern Warfare 3. I hope to do a good job on it.

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