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Kingdom Hearts 3D is over!

Wow, what an ending. I'm not really used to these games but I'm starting to like the KH franchise. The final battles are over after several hours of level grinding with Riku to stand my ground against Young Xehanort. He was still pretty hard but I definitely dealt more damage which helped a lot. The ending was very confusing as I was expecting but it seems like this game connects KH2 and the spin-off with a possible future release of KH3. 

I recommend the game definitely. If you play in Proud Mode like I did, the game will be challenging but very fun. Some of the boss battles will get frustrating if you're underleveled like I was during the entire game. But nothing is impossible. A negative thing I found was that there doesn't seem to be much exploration or things to do besides the main story and the card minigame with the dream eaters. That was a bummer. I'm used to my JRPGs offering cool shit to do after the world is saved. Anyway, great game, a review is coming very soon.

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