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Modern Warfare 3 also started

Besides Xenoblade, I also went and started playing Modern Warfare 3 to end the story I continued in MW2 last week. I'm extremely impressed, I'm actually liking it a LOT. MW2 was a complete disappointment but the third chapter is very enjoyable. I'm playing it in Hardened with barely any problems. The game in the Xbox 360 looks and feels better than any COD game on PS3 which I'm still not sure if it's my imagination or these games on PS3 are simply terrible. 

The storyline even got interesting! This might be heavy spoilers so if you care about the plot in the games and haven't played them you might want to stop reading this paragraph and jump to the next one. I definitely didn't expect the Russian president to want peace and be kidnapped like that by Makarov. It's very impressive what the writers have managed to do with a character that simply shot some civilians in a shitty airport mission in MW2, it's very cool and I'm impressed by it.  It's also good to see how Soap and Price are trying to stop Makarov by themselves. And playing with so many different characters. Wow, the Britain mission!

Ok, no more spoilers. I'm enjoying MW3's campaign so far. Every weapon I've tried is cool and not simply another assault rifle with a different skin, graphically it looks very nice, the cinematic parts in the campaign are excellent and so far, it' a really nice FPS game. I do understand why it's so loved by the public. But I dunno. I still have three more games in the franchise to try out so I'll reserve any further opinions until they're done. 

Hell, I might even buy Black Ops 2 in Christmas.

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