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The Last Story arrived!

My copy of the famous Wii RPG "The Last Story" arrived yesterday and it couldn't have been in a better way. I remember preordering the game many months ago. And I thought I was gonna get the normal version. Then I noticed the Amazon page for the game offering a small art book for preordering the game. But when my copy arrived, it came in a VERY NICE box with a CD soundtrack, the game and the art book inside. So I'm very happy about getting the game this way. I took a few pics:

I'm going to start Xenoblade very soon (probably even tonight) and post my experience with that game here. I don't think I'll be playing The Last Story at least until October but it feels nice to already have two of the three best RPGs in the Wii. We can only hope and wait for a localization of the third, Pandora's Tower.

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