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Alice: Madness Returns started!

I actually did this on Sunday or something like that but completely forgot to mention it in the blog. I started my Xbox 360 copy of Alice: Madness Returns I had lying around my room. The game is cool with a very impressive setting giving a weird, darkened version of Wonderland to the player. But the gameplay is rather simple. I mean, it's nice, but it doesn't innovate much or tries to be different or iconic in the way it's supposed to be played. It's a simple platformer/action game where Alice double jumps, stand on switches to do things, kills enemies with melee and ranged weapons, etc. I personally like the combat here more than in God of War but well, that's just me.

Alice seems to be an orphan english girl suffering from some kind of trauma after losing her family in a big fire that destroyed her mansion. She lives with some other kids and a psychiatrist who doesn't seem to be helping her much. So Alive sometimes goes back to a twisted, bloody and sometimes satanic version of Wonderland. It's very cool. The beginning of the game reminded me a lot of how Majora's Mask started. With Link falling down to the "illusion" that Termina was and becoming a Deku Scrub. I like game that do these kind of things.

I've put like 4-5 hours into it and like it a lot. It's nothing special but at least until now, it's a cool game and it comes with a free code to download the old game in the series (previously available only in PC) on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Now I really have to hurry up and write my reviews for Xenoblade and Dead or Alive 5 because I don't want articles to stack up one after another. 

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