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Dead or Alive 5 section (probably) coming!

I'm thinking about using the empty space up in the tabs to create a new section to keep track of DOA5-related stuff like videos, combos and strategies in general. So far I'm enjoying the game A LOT and even managed to play online with almost no problems on PS3. I'm in love with the game but a little worried about Tina and Helena because they're not as strong as their DOA3 and DOA4 version respectively. They're both awesome in 5 though.

I sat this morning in training mode for a couple of hours with Tina and found some very basic but useful combos for new people getting into the series or coming from DOA4 and Dimensions (like myself). They can be found in my thread here. Some of those can take half a life bar of any opponent Tina managed to land a couple attacks on. So I think they're very nice.

I'm still messing around with many characters and will most likely stay that way for a while because I honestly like so many of them. Gen Fu is incredible, just like Pai, Fang and Jann Lee. I'm really considering using Christie and hell even Helena, who's definitely the weakest character in the game can make her foe's life go down quick if she does things right. And Busa¿ God that 66K is a GREAT new move. Mila's pretty awesome too.

So, if I get enough time to do it I'll probably work on building up a fairly nice section for DOA5 goodies. Buy this fucking game, it's glitchy as hell but it's just too fucking awesome!

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