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DOA5 loneliness

So now I literally don't have anyone in my city or country to play DOA5 with, the people I used to play didn't get interested and will move to other games. This of course makes me feel even more depressed. I'll try to at least take the opportunity to play DOA5 online more, finish more single-players and read more books. FML

I didn't even had enough time to find a main in the game. My tournament request for it was arbitrarily denied and now I'm left with zero fellow players. The same happened with VF5FS. But well, I can't help it. I live in this shithole and should simply bear with it until I finally have a realistic chance of leaving.

The only positive part is that I'll be going out at nights much, much less than before. That is very dangerous where I live so I guess that's OK. I'm gonna try to get a better internet connection in the following months to see if I'm lucky enough to be able to play DOA5 online with minimal lag. 

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