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How to build an offline scene when...

...your fucking tournament and event requests get denied because "The game is M-rated"¿ I live in this shithole of a country named Venezuela where gaming is pretty much non-existent and people seriously think Fifa and Call of Duty are good games. In early August I made an official request to organize the first DOA5 tournament in a local "gaming" event that will be held in late November in my city. The tourney, while very small, could be a great starting ground to build a potentially nice offline scene with the Tekken, SF and SC people that sometimes play here but after waiting for several weeks for a response, I got a message today saying the game couldn't be there because it's M rated. You can not imagine how pissed off I am at this moment. 

The thing is that the entire event is being run by a group of idiots who are fanboys of other series and they let the otaku world invade the little gaming things that happen here. I'm 100% sure I'll see several Call of Duty and MK9 booths in the event but my request was denied because my game has busty girls on it. In fact, I'm 100% sure the entire event will be overrun with half-naked girls cosplaying as anime characters that don't look at all like them. 

So, what the hell must I do¿ I already have 8+ people seriously interested in participating and holding the tournament in an actual "gaming" event could have been a great starting ground by my country's standards but I got stabbed in the back and now I hate my geographical location even more. I'll probably just hold the tourney at my backyard because I have enough room for it and easy access to the HDTVs, consoles and all that, but in a tournament at my place I'll be doubtful about letting strangers in. 

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