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Next games to play

To be quite honest, Alice: Madness Returns is not as good as I thought it would be. I'm still gonna keep playing it hoping for it to get better but most people tell me it's very repetitive from the second chapter on so I dunno. I'd really like for it to end as soon as possible but I'm not finding the motivation to play it like I did with Xenoblade. 

I'm already thinking about what games to play next. I never even started Uncharted Golden Abyss so I should finish that, just like Kid Icarus Uprising which I never finished for focusing too much on multiplayer (that's the reason I never reviewed it) but I kinda want to finish a Kirby game, one of the DS ones. I have them all so it's just a matter of picking it. Mass Attack or Canvas Curse would be very cool. 

I've also been thinking about which RPG to start next. I loved Xenoblade and the thought of replaying it is in my mind, (just like FFXIII-2 and Skyrim) but I should really be focusing on the unplayed ones. Tales of Graces, Star Ocean 4 and Lost Odyssey sound good enough. I'd play Blue Dragon too but I want to watch the anime first. So, I think Uncharted and Kid Icarus take priority but I'll have to deal with the small annoyance that is Alice first. I really hope the rest of the game is better because quite honestly, I'm not very amused by it so far. 

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