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Ok so...

... I finally start classes tomorrow and now that I have a set schedule for it and that I'm going back to my Japanese language course I can actually look for a part-time job to fill the gap during the weeks. I actually feel really good about going back to uni, miss my friends from over there a lot. Now it's time to fix lots of shit with my life.

I'm very excited about going back to write on my literature project, I haven't written anything on it in about two months or so but I've read, watched and played a lot of things that could help me with some ideas. I want to put everything online but I fear for my ideas getting stolen so I'm still doubtful about it. What is sure is that the writing will be resumed very soon. 

Regarding DOA5, I'm making slow but steady progress with the skill-building, Tina is definitely my favorite character in the game right now. I feel comfortable with her and online (when the crappy netcode allows me to) I constantly get good combo and throw damage. She's awesome. I'm still working on other characters and slowly getting used to them. I started to play Kokoro this weekend!

I have to make a few calls during this next week to see if I'm going to organize the first tournament of the country for the game. Something little with 8-16 people would be acceptable for me because I'm aware that my favorite game has little to no ground where I live, but I'll still try. If it gets approved I'll be covering it up as a "gaming site" to upload to the internet and share with the community and Team Ninja.

Besides DOA5 I'm still playing Xenoblade which I put on hold for a couple weeks while I played the fighting game but I already resumed it and believe I'm very close to the ending. It's a fantastic game for a console that doesn't deserve it. In the near future I plan on finishing some portable games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and a few Kirby games in DS. 

In anime, I've been kind of away from that world as well, during summer vacation I watched some like Divergence Eve and Devil May Cry which are ok-ish. I have some other unwatched series but I went and decided to start Toradora again. I remembered how much I loved it and went back to it. It's very good, really really good. It feels weird to me to enjoy a high-school anime drama at my 26 years of age but fuck it, Toradora is fantastic. 

Well anyway, I have some other plans to come back to posting daily here during classes and even work if I manage to find one. I'd like to make a poor-quality combo video for Tina in DOA5 as well as upload a few casual matches with my friends who play it with me. That'll have to wait till next week though.

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