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Xenoblade is FINISHED

I finished Xenoblade last night and damn I didn't want it to end. What a fantastic game, it was an excellent experience from start to finish and I completely agree with the public who says it kind of reinvented the genre. It has so many things going for it, an excellent and intense battle system, interesting story with top notch narrative and writing, huge and beautiful landscapes, great cast of characters, etc, etc, etc. The only negative thing making the game not being THE best JRPG of this gen is the graphics. Being a Wii game definitely hindered the game's visual potential. It looks very good... for a Wii game but I can't stop saying that this title should have been in the other two consoles.

Still, it was one of the best experiences I've had with my Wii since I have the consoles and trust me, you should buy this game, it's just amazing. I used most of the cast during my journey, but especially focused on controlling Shulk, Melia and Riki myself. I used Sharla, Dunban and Fiora here and there but only for a little time and Reyn, while usually part of my parties, wasn't used at all by myself. He's an effective tank though.

The final dungeons and battles were very difficult with enemies getting stronger and stronger each time. The game tells you if an enemy is easy-to-kill or not by using a color around it's name, if it's black or blue, you can kill it with no problems, grey means the monster stands on equal ground with the party, yellow means the monster is stronger but doable and red means you're completely underleveled. By the end of the game the final battles were red enemies because I seem to have forgotten to level-up enough so I got a red-colored final boss three times (three versions of it). I died many times and had to change party members, abilities and equipment on many occasions but I finally destroyed it using Riki, Dunban and Shulk. Riki's status changes were a key factor obtaining the win and his extremely-high HP made him survive everything thrown at him, just like Dunban's auto-revive ability. 

Riki and Melia completely break the game when they're together. If you, the player, control Melia and focus on putting bad statuses on enemies, Riki will mostly do the same which means that a single enemy can have Poison, Chill, Bleed, Blaze and stuff like that TWICE. If you do that, enemies simply die by themselves without the need of damage dealers like Shulk or Fiora doing anything. Trust me on this, if you use Melia and equip an AI Riki with status abilities and "Riki is Angry", you'll break the game. 

The game has a LOT of sidequests to do, innumerable things outside of the main story like quests, leveling up, hunting down materials, finding the strongest equipments, extra skill trees, advanced books for everyone's abilities and the like. I finished the game close to 70 hours into it and did my best to explore every area as best as I could and I think I'm well-prepared to write a good review on it. So you can expect an article analyzing the game in full during the weekend. 

Again, and I won't stop saying this: If you have a Wii, this is definitely one of the top 5 games for it. NO ONE should miss this title. It's definitely one of the most fantastic JRPGs this generation. Buy it and play it and forget about the kiddie sholvelware crap usually seen in this console. 

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