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Alice: Madness Returns finished!

So I went and finished Alice:MR yesterday and I'm very disappointed at how things were handled in that game overall. It had so much potential that after going through the entire game and seeing so many flaws, mistakes and aspects that are just lazy I feel like it could have been much better. The game is nice, but it doesn't surpass the competition in anyway and I don't think it will ever go beyond a mediocre platformer/action game.

First of all, the gameplay doesn't evolve at all during the adventure. All six worlds have literally the same platforming sections, combat parts against different enemies that can be killed in the same ways and some very confusing and quick story videos. The game tries to vary the pace by adding some extra things to do like a 2D platforming section or a "pinball" kind of thing in the last world but these aren't any fun and just feel like an interruption. There are some puzzles here and there but they can be skipped and feel like no-brainers.

The graphics and combat are nice though. Alice:MR shows us a beautifully crafted macabre version of Wonderland designed in the mind of a girl that is totally insane. Some of the worlds can be a little creepy and even scary. Sadly, the game doesn't do much to try to force it into the player with gameplay things. Graphically, it's very nice, but nothing beyond that. 

Alice uses four weapons in the game: The Vorpal Blade and Hobby Horse for melee combat, the Pepper Grinder for ranged attacks and a Teapot Cannon that works like a grenade launcher. The weapons are nice and can be upgraded as you advance through the game to deal more damage, be quicker and increase rate-of-fire. The enemies are also nice but almost none of them force Alice to do different things other than spam attacks at them and the ones that do seem to be considered "bosses" or something because they barely show up.

I'll be reviewing the game during the weekend to go deeper into what's good and what is not in this game but overall, the experience was more bad than it was good. The story is very interesting and the graphics are nice, just like parts of the combat but the rest of the game feels shallow and mediocre, which is sad give that, as I said, the game had tons and tons of potential to be one of the greatest gems in the generation. I'd only recommend it if you find it in a bargain bin or something.

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