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Halo 4 gotten and finished!

My Collector's Edition copy of Halo 4 finally arrived last week and I got to finish the game's campaign during the weekend. It's very cool but I feel that at the end, the previous games simply had a better story and campaign pace. Halo 4 has an incredible campaign but at least for me, not even close to the Bungie titles. 

I loved playing as the Chief again with Cortana accompanying me. That took me back, the weapons were very nice for the most part (Except the new Forerunner ones which are simply retarded). The DMR and Needler feel really strong in this game and killing shit with them is extremely satisfying. It has excellent graphics, sound quality and presentation but to be quite honest, I didn't like the story very much. I've yet to play Spartan Ops, competitive multiplayer and the other things so all I can tell in this post is from the campaign. In fact, most of what I'm going to talk about here are negative things I found personally but can't really mention in a review. 

I didn't like that there's no explanation as to why the Covenant are enemies again. One of the books claims that after Halo 3, a fanatical faction from them decides to break the truce and keep searching for the "Great Journey" the way the Prophet of Truth did. These guys are the enemies we encounter in Halo 4 because the real Covenant are at peace with Humans. 

The Arbiter didn't appear in the game, which pissed me the fuck off. After Halo 2 and 3 had him share the spotlight with the Chief, Halo 4 simply decides to forget about him and there's no mention of the guy in the Campaign at all. The Elites themselves are a joke. I played the entire game in Heroic and sometimes the Jackals gave me worse problems. Everyone complained at the lack of Elites in Halo 3 as an enemy, they came back in Reach in an EXCELLENT way and Halo 4 just went and destroyed what they represent to that universe. We as players are supposed to be posed a realistic threat when faced against Elites in Heroic difficulty, not brain-dead idiots armed with Plasma Rifles and Needlers that simply fall to a few shots of whatever weapon the Chief happens to be holding at the moment. This kinda happens with the Hunters as well. Remember being able to easily dodge their melee attacks and shoot them in the back in Halo 1¿ (a 2001 game) Well the same happens most of the times in Halo 4. 

Those Promethean fuckers are the worst enemy in the entire series. Even the Flood were better. 80% of them are these dog things that just run around waiting to get a headshot, they don't feel scary, they're extremely easy to kill and they're simply lame. The Knights are a little better but they're behavior is exactly the one as the Elites'. They run around using the shitty new Forerunner weapons (which are incredibly dumb) and die quickly after their shields are drained. Just like the Elites! They don't swarm the chief, they don't have a different attack pattern like the Flood had or anything like that.

The Covenant were stripped of three of its combat races. Drones, Brutes and Engineers are nowhere to be seen which means that during the entire game we'll fight the same Covenant platoons over and over. Drones, Brutes and Engineers added variety to the alien army and without any real explanation, they're gone and replaced by hundreds of orange dogs. Yes, dogs.

The human and Covenant weapons are nice. There's a new light machine-gun in the human arsenal just like a Railgun and the Sticky Detonator, which is extremely cool. The Plasma Rifle is replaced by another weapon that does pretty much the same, the Needler is OP and the Carbine is back. The Needle Rifle is gone sadly but the Carbine is good enough. The problem is that, since the campaign forces the Chief to fight alone in these Forerunner structures, ammo for the human weapons and battery for the plasma ones is scarce so players have no option but to fight with the new Forerunner weapons which LOOK very pretty but are boring to use. There's a pistol, a shotgun, an assault rifle, a DMR-kinda one and another that shoots a small exploding projectile. Hey! Those are the same profiles as the human weapons! BORING SHIT.

I think that this story about the Didact wanting to destroy humanity was not necessary but well, the Xbox needed a new Halo game I guess. It's not bad by any means and it's actually better than most retarded shooter campaigns out there but Halo 4 definitely has the worst campaign of the entire series. I'm actually pretty excited about Spartan Ops and Multiplayer, which I suppose I'll try online during the weekend before writing a review for the game. I still recommend getting this game over Black Ops 2 though.

Now, besides all that there's actually a lot of shit I DID like about the game but I'll just go to that in the review I'll write after I try multiplayer and Spartan Ops. I also have to remember to download the Forward Unto Dawn series. Shit, that's a lot of Halo for the following days.

I got a couple pictures of the Collector's Edition box:

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