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I knew about it but didn't give enough thought to it before. Halo 4 is just around the corner! I've been checking some reviews getting online tonight and I'm very impressed with that people are saying about it. It really does look like a very solid and fun first person shooter. I'm not really a fan of the genre myself and hold some resentment to it because it's unfair how it's eaten up other things but I love the Halo universe. It's one of my favorite gaming franchises. 

I have a Collector's Edition copy pre-ordered in Amazon that should be arriving by... Nov 15th or so if everything goes right. I can't wait to get into that campaign and online modes. The difficult part will be trying to stay away from spoilers from websites I visit everyday like FreeStepDodge and not being able to see anything on any of the Halo sites I usually participate in. 

With that said, all that's left is the wait and keep being excited about it. 

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