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I might revive my anime section

 Though I haven't written about anime for a while, it doesn't mean I've stopped watching them. In fact, I'm really hooked to some different series right now. I'm planning on reviving the anime section which I stopped working on because I simply am not an expert on the matter so making anime reviews isn't as good for me as making gaming ones. But since this is mostly a personal blog about opinion stuff I believe the anime section is more than welcome to come back. 

Ever since I reviewed Code Geass many months ago, I've watched several series including Saint Seiya Omega, Hyakka Ryouran, Blue Dragon, Divergence Eve, Squid Girl, I can't believe my sister is this cute and my new favorite anime: Gundam 00. I actually haven't finished Squid Girl and Gundam 00 yet but I'm planning on writing a bit about them in the near future. 

Squid Girl is incredibly funny. It's about this squid lolita that comes out of the sea to invade mankind because we're polluting the oceans but ultimately ends up working in a beach restaurant with some other girls. It's extremely funny and the jokes remind me a lot of Azumanga Daioh. 

Gundam 00 is much, much better than I could put into words. It takes place in the near future where humanity is abandoning oil for Sun energy completely but a lot of armed conflicts are happening around the globe. So a rebel team using some uber powerful mobile suits called "Gundam" appear under the name "Celestial Being". It's simply fantastic. It has excellent narrative, characters, art and combat. I'm slowly becoming a Gundam fan because of it.

So, I'll most likely resume writing about anime in this blog and adding them to the usual section. I'd like the revive the figure section as well but since I haven't gotten anything new in months, I don't really have anything to post. Unless I take some picture of old figures I bought. Ah, I did order a chinese version of a Hatsune Miku figure but it's gonna take a while to get here. If she ends up being pretty, I'll post a gallery of her.

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