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Tales of Graces f main arc finished!

I just ended the main story in Tales of Graces f. The game is EXCELLENT in combat and ok-ish outside it. I didn't like that ending very much but Tales games aren't usually very strong story-wise. The combat though, more than makes up for everything in it, it truly is excellent. I'm gonna throw some spoilers here so be advised.

I really didn't like the fact that Richard didn't rejoin the party in the main arc after he leaves. The game kinda pulled another Flynn from Vesperia again where I went through the entire game expecting Flynn to join only to be disappointed at the end. Still, the seven characters you do get during the main arc are incredible. Even Asbel who looks like the generic sword guy has amazing combos and abilities at his disposal. Playing with Malik and Pascal is incredibly fun too.

Now, after the main arc is finished you unlock a future arc where Richard does join. According to the posters in the official Tales community, the future arc adds between 10 and 15 hours of gameplay so that should be good. I'm not ready to put this game down yet. Besides, the actual game isn't really over until the future arc is finished.

I really recommend the game, mostly because of the combat. It's one of the best action-RPG battle systems I've played in my life, I always thought Star Ocean and the older Tales were amazing but Graces takes this system to another level, it's that good. Just like I said, outside battle, the game doesn't do anything special but the combat truly makes up for any issues anyone might find (which aren't bad at all). I'll of course review the game along with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Halo 4, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Kirby Dream Collection. That's five reviews I have to write. Fortunately, Christmas break is coming and I'll have time for it.

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