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Uncharted: Golden Abyss finished!

I just finished the Uncharted game for the Vita and I'm really pleased with it. I regret having taken so much time to finish it since I first got it. It's truly amazing. The story is similar to the PS3 versions with Nate looking for a lost legendary city in a race against some mercenary, ex-military evil dudes who want all the gold. Sully is there and three new characters. No sign of Chloe and obviously no Elena since Nate and her meet in Uncharted 1. (Golden Abyss takes place before Uncharted 1, when Sully's hair was still black).

Gameplay-wise is similar with Nate climbing, running and shooting his way through excellently-designed levels but this time, puzzles are solved via the use of the touch-screen, tilting the Vita, using the sensors in the back of the machine or things like that. Climbing and aiming can also be done via motion sensors and touching but are 100% optional, I did it here and there and it's comfortable and excellently done. 

I played in Hard since the beginning and the game felt OK, not impossible and not a breeze, I died sometimes but nothing I couldn't handle. Most of the iconic weapons are there: FAL, AK-47, Desert Eagle, Moss, etc. Sadly, there's no multiplayer which could have been excellent. But on the other hand, the game has a LOT, and I mean A FUCKING WHOLE LOT of hidden treasures and optional puzzles to solve if you decide to take on it a second (or third) time or hunt for the trophies for a platinum.

So there's that, if you own a Vita or are planning on getting one, this is DEFINITELY one of the killer-apps for it. It's a truly excellent game. Just like Ninja Gaiden and Gravity Rush. I really had a lot of luck with my first games for this console. I'll be writing a review for it during next weeks just like with Alice: Madness Returns.

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