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Wii U, worth the purchase¿

The Wii U came out two days ago and so far, everyone I know who actually got the console can't really give me a good reason for purchasing it. One of my friends from the DOA5 forums even said "I don't know what to do with it..." which I find pretty funny. The system simply doesn't have enough games to make me want to own one right now.

Razor's Edge and Bayonetta 2 could be nice titles but not enough to buy a 350$ system for them. Definitely not, the Mario game I'm not interested one bit and ZombieU well... simply not. Just like with the Wii, I'm sure the cool franchises like Zelda, Kirby and Metroid will eventually make their way into the console and once they do, I'll probably think about purchasing one. UNLESS I travel to the US soon which just might happen in the following months. If I do I'll take the opportunity and get one.

Still, I'm a little skeptical about the errors the system has and whether or not a future problem will present like the one where the launch-window Wii consoles refused to read games like Xenoblade, Metroid: Other M or The Last Story because of an issue with the discs those games use. That was extremely retarded on Nintendo's part to be honest.

This makes me think a little about the end of the current generation. It's been quite a while. I feel like I got my first Xbox 360 and PS3 like an eternity ago and they're still strong. I wonder how the next Sony and Microsoft consoles will be...¿

Anyway, while it's good to see a new console in the market, this one definitely doesn't interest me like the 3DS and Vita did. I recognize it's good and the gamepad tablet thing is cute but there simply aren't any games I like on it so far. I hope that changes soon.

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