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Christmas Eve presents!

This was a really quiet Christmas Eve for me and my family. Dad had a really terrible pain in his back so we decided to stay home with him instead of visiting family. All I did was play Halo 4, Kirby's Squeak Squad (which I finished), watch Star Wars Episode II on Blu-Ray and some Big Bang Theory episodes. Today was a better though. My parents and I opened our gifts and everything went better than expected. I got some clothes I was seriously needing, including a nice sweater and scarf and five games. Two of them for PS3 and three for Vita. I also got three pretty nice Star Wars Episode I figures I was not expecting. They're more than welcome to my figure collection.

I'm really happy because all I got were things I didn't already own. My dad bought the games and he got them right. I was looking into buying Devil May Cry 4 for a long time now just like Portal 2, which is more than welcome and I'm sure I'll enjoy it a lot. The three Vita games I'm extremely satisfied with, I tested LBP and DWN and liked them a lot. I've never played a Persona game (except a little bit of the fighting one) and from what I've heard, Golden is the best one ever released. Vita has no games¿ please...

That Miku figure is actually a bootleg I bought from Amazon a while ago and got here this Friday I think it was so I'm considering it a Christmas present from me to myself. She's a bootleg, the Chinese version of an original Japanese figure that is EXTREMELY expensive, fortunately she's very beautiful. She has a couple of small details on her skirt and hair but still looks very nice. 

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