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Dynasty Warriors Next and Portal 2 missions initiated

I'm gonna begin this post by saying the most important thing of the day. Today is the 2nd anniversary of my blog. This makes me reaaally happy and look back into the tons of posts I've made. Reviews, opinions, previews, galleries, videos and even anime and figures stuff have appeared in this place. I'm really proud of what I've put together here. But I'll leave that to a post of its own.

What this entry is really about is to mention that I've started playing Dynasty Warriors Next for Vita and Portal 2 for PS3. That makes it three games along with Persona 4 Golden which I mentioned before. Both games are pretty cool and I'm very pleased with them. 

Portal 2 is simply brilliant. The physics, dialogs, graphics, elaborated puzzles and gameplay itself in the game are amazing. I've found it a bit easy so far though. I'm already in Chapter 6 and I dunno how close I am to a possible ending. Maybe I'm just halfway through it, which would be awesome because I still don't want the game to end.

Glados is a bitch and the male announcer voice that guides you during the very first test rooms is incredibly funny. This is seriously a brilliant game. I'm happy to finally own it and enjoy it. I seem to remember mentioning this before but the thing I like the most about Portal is that it's a FPS... without being a FPS. No enemies, no guns and no shooters cliche were the things that helped this game shine the most in my opinion.

DW Next is one of those games we hardcore players stumble upon once in a while in which we encounter a huge quantity of problems in anything, from graphics to gameplay, from music to interface issues. Yet, we simply can't help but to have a blast with it. I'm actually pretty new to DW having only played Gundam 1 and the Fist of the North Star one but I'm really enjoying Next. I've put about 4 or so hours into it and I've already used like 10 characters. Each with different attack animations and things like that. 

The game has tons of issues like the music being incredibly generic or the dialogs being repeated over and over in the same mission, but it's just... fun. I'm seriously beginning to understand my online friends who always play these games while stating their faults at the same time. 

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