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Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!

As of today, this small site is turning two years old. It's been that long already¿ Wow... for me it seems like it was yesterday that I created this place out of a sudden decision back on December 30th 2010. Two years is actually a long time and the site has seen a lot of shit during those what... 700 or so days¿ Still, I'm extremely proud of this and happy to own it even if it's mostly (about 99%) a more personal thing. 

When I originally created the site, I thought of it as a kind of diary for my gaming and other geeky activities. The original plan was to make small daily updates on what I play, what I think about a game, a few pics of a figure or some opinions about an anime, movie or even a book. But after two years, the general idea of the site has changed drastically several times and many plans I've had for it have either been cancelled or never started at all because of different reasons.

As of right now, my blog is more of a review site more than anything. After checking the weekly activity during 2012, I've posted much less than in 2011 but I've focused more on the quality and content of my game reviews which I personally think are better than the ones I wrote in 2011 and before. I've stopped writing about anime and posting galleries of figures but that's actually one of the things that are coming back to the site for sure.

Other sections like the News one simply don't have any activity because I don't have much time to read AND write about gaming news daily and I'd rather have the section completely dead instead of outdated all the time. But I do have a nice idea which is focus on news about my favorite franchises only (Final Fantasy, Zelda, DOA, etc) and keep the page as updated as I can about those. I think it might work.

I've been thinking for several weeks now about adding more content and starting to share the blog more. I'd like the place to finally start getting more readers and comments on the important entries. During these two years all I've done is write a little and share the reviews a couple times in Twitter (where I don't have a ton of followers anyway) so that isn't helping. I've had several ideas like creating a Tumblr or Facebook page to share the stuff that I write and probably a Google+ profile (but no one visits G+ anyway). I have to give more thought to that but what I'm 100% sure is that this place will have more content and activity during 2013. Besides, I think the site already has enough content to keep any games interested in it for a few hours.

There are several other plans that I never got to start like a tab in the upper part of the blog that would take people to a section exclusive to DOA5 and VF5FS content. I never actually started it because all my activity in those two games was completely and cruelly crushed by things like not having anyone to play offline with and mental prisons in some players minds that don't allow them to actually learn. This pisses me off but I've learned to move on and focus on what I have: A shit ton of unfinished games and anime that I'll play, watch and review during 2013. 

Another section I wanted to add was a Retro Gaming tab where I'd choose a game from past generations (mostly NES-N64 eras) and play it for a few days or weeks and then make some entries about it like opinion articles, small reviews and probably upload a couple of videos from players in YouTube. Sadly, this actually takes a lot of time and this entire place in run by myself alone and with the time I spent actually believing I'd play DOA5 this year I never got to start a Retro section. Buuuut who knows¿ Maybe I could think of something nice to start with to get motivated and get it running. Some of my favorite retro games like Wave Race 64, Megaman 4 or Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 could be excellent games for it.

But well, not everything has been bad of course. I've got to play several excellent games and meet fantastic players in forums like VFDC, FreeStepDodge, Zelda Universe, RPGsite and many others. If I had to name my favorite five games from this year I'd have to go with Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, Dead or Alive 5, Halo 4, Xenoblade Chronicles and Skyrim. There are many others I loved like Gravity Rush or Final Fantasy XIII-2 but my five favorites are those. 2012 was a really good years for gaming in my opinion.

Now, for small-term future plans. Game reviews will of course keep coming and will still be the main focus of the site. The majority of the articles I'll share in social networks will be the game reviews and I already have many games in my to-do list like Tekken Tag Tournamet 2, Dynasty Warriors Next, Persona 4 Arena, Portal 2 and many others. Not all of them are very new but I think that the more, the merrier. Anime reviews and opinion articles will surely come back. I recently watched Gundam 00 and Squid Girl and loved them, so I definitely gotta write about them. I have some anime backlog as well so that will give me tons of material to work on. The same will happen to the figure galleries. I was checking on my figure collection the other day and there are tons of shit I could take pictures to upload and write about, so I'll definitely work on that. 

And well that's that. All I've got left to be said is that this place fills me with joy. I just love it and want it to start growing into a much better site. There are things I'd like that are sadly not in my power to achieve like adding more people to write with, tournamets to participate in and cover them in the site and things like that but even without it, I still think I have tons of material to work with. 2013 will most likely see a lot of changes for good in my activities. I'll give my everything to finish my backlog which will results in TONS of content for the site. So well, my blog's third year will definitely be the best. 

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  1. Dude,

    I'm sorry to say that you're not gonna get any readers or comments because in this day and age, blogs have diminished in relevance and if you did not come from the blog boom years of the mid 2000's like us you likely aren't building up any loyal reading fan base anytime soon. Especially writing in english for a spanish speaking community.

    I've been monitoring this site for a month and frankly you don't get any visits besides google image search engine, spam robots, you and probably one or two friends that occasionally stop by (me perhaps? lol), still, nothing more than a handful statically speaking.

    It's a shame that such a waste of talent and knowledge passes unnoticed. I really like your articles and respect you as a serious gaming journalist. What I'm offering you is a chance to join us as a gaming editor writing your excellent articles so a broader audience of gamers can read your insightful reviews and enjoy your gaming expertise along with other writers (us) with equal level of experience.

    Contact me and we'll talk about it with a couple of beers.

    We talked about speaking last month, but it seems it might have slipped your mind. Maybe if I write to you in english you'll listen. I'm not known to ask many people about this and I usually don't repeat myself or knock twice, so this is it, last chance dude, the ball is in your court.


    (you don't have to publish this comment, please delete it and answer using my personal mail, you'll find it in our website).