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I'm too hooked with Tales of Graces f!

It saddens me a lot but I think I'm very close to Graces real ending. The future arc has been very nice and much more difficult than the main one. I took the opportunity to have Richard in the party almost all the time and try my hand with Hubert who I didn't like much. Asbel, Pascal and Malik are definitely my guys in this game. 
Most of the titles I've got have their five skills unlocked with almost everyone. If I do finish the game tomorrow, which is likely, I'll investigate a bit on the internet about possible side-quests to finish, unlock extra titles and probably try the arena to level up a little more and practice with Cheria and Sophie. 

Tales of Graces so far has been a fantastic JRPG but it suffers from the same "illness" the rest of the series does: The game is... kinda simplistic outside battle. Graces definitely has the best battle system of the series (at least the ones that did make it to the West) but outside it, the game is just another normal JRPG. You walk, talk to uninportant NPCs, visit towns with stores and inns in them and get told an OK plot that usually falls inside the "friends traveling to fight evil Gods for friendship" kinda thing. 

In fact. Though I do love the game, I gotta say the story wasn't very interesting to me. What has me glued to the game is the battle system, which is truly, truly fantastic, and it's hard for me to say this coming from having just finished Xenoblade which also has an excellent battle system. Graphically, the game doesn't shine either but this is completely understandable. Graces is actually a Wii game that was polished visually for the PS3. 

Still, Tales of Graces f is still a much better game than the never-ending tsunami of generic shooters that seem to be drowning the market this days. When I play games like this I feel happy about my tastes in gaming. This is a franchise that more people should play. If that were the case, fans like me wouldn't have to pray for the games to get their asses to America and Europe. 

I mean, too many of them have missed the ship. Out of my head I remember the following ones: Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Rebirth, Tales of Hearts, Tales of Innocence, Tales of the Tempest, Tales of Symphonia (PS2), Tales of Vesperia (PS3), Tales of Graces (Wii), Tales of Phantasia (PSP), Tales of Eternia (PSP version actually made it to Europe but not America). A new one is coming, Tales of Xillia which was released in Japan back in 2011 but will make it to America two years later while the Japanese will receive the sequel, Tales of Xillia 2... Damn. I truly envy those fuckers.

Anyway, Tales of Graces f is a great game that you should try. I'll definitely review it after I finish it completely and do a few extra things in it.

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