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Kirby Squeak Squad!

Kirby Squeak Squad is a very cute (and old) DS game that I never got to play in its time. About a month ago I bought a "used" copy from Amazon because the new ones were too expensive. My bad luck was that I actually received a pirated copy of the game. I tried not to care at first because the game seemed to run fine but it just died halfway through the adventure. So I went to a local shopping site and got lucky, found an actual copy of the actual game and bought it for very cheap. The shitty part is that I'll have to start the game all over again.

It's a 2D platformer like most usual Kirby games where he runs around, floats and eats enemies to copy their abilities. It's very easy but has beautiful levels, excellent copy powers, responsive controls, nice music and well, you play as Kirby, one of the best video game characters around. It has one of the best beginnings ever, Kirby's cake gets stolen and he goes on a killing rampage to get revenge. This pink fucker is such a badass!

The game seems to be quite obscure just like another called Kirby's Canvas Curse for the same system, Amazon and Ebay have very expensive copies and people in several communities tell me both are somewhat difficult to find, so I consider myself lucky to own both. I recommend it 100%

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