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Persona 4 Golden started!

Last night I started Persona 4 Golden, one of the Vita games I got for Christmas. It's much, much better than I expected. I never really paid any attention to this franchise before, which is strange given how big a fan of JRPGs I am so I wasn't sure what to expect. This is a remake of the PS2 version with tons of supposed extras I probably won't notice because I never played the original one but from what I read, there are tons of them.

The game is about a group of Japanese high school students who try to solve some murder cases in a remote town of Inaba. After a couple of dead bodies show up in town, they discover some kind of "other dimension" inside TVs where they can go and use the power of some summoned monsters called "Personas" to fight shadows and help possible murder victims. It's very, very weird even by JRPG standards but the game has so much shit to do that the experience is simply fantastic.

There's not world map and the game doesn't focus 100% on dungeon exploration and level grinding. In fact, there are tons of things to do besides those like take on part-time jobs in town, join sports and cultural clubs in high-school, study and eat food to raise some important stats, spend time with your friends and have tons of conversations with them to raise affinity levels that can improve performance in-battle and outside it. A little bit similar to the affinity thing in Xenoblade.

Persona 4 Golden has great graphics, a excellent soundtrack and as I said before, the gameplay is really deep and requires focusing and paying attention at all times. Even planning what you're going to do in advance so you can raise the stats, affinities and personas you really need.

So far I'm very pleased with the game and it's gonna be my main JRPG for the following days until I finish it and of course, review it. I was told in several sites that this is definitely the best Vita game in the market and I don't think they're wrong. You should try it out.

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