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Tales of Graces f is over!

I finished Tales of Graces f last night. This time, the future arc which means that the entire story for the game is done. I barely beat the final boss in Moderate difficulty with a party of level 80-81 using Pascal as leader. Now I have that weird but pretty feeling of connection with the game similar to when one finishes reading a book. I loved Tales of Graces f, even the simplistic parts of it like its plot. 

Tonight I sat down and attempted the extra optional dungeon on it which consists of a 10-floor dungeon where you need to make an offering to gain access to each floor. The higher the floor, the most expensive and rare the items you need to craft in order to enter them. I managed to beat floor 1 with a level 81-82 party but barely got there. Floor 2 is already being really hard so I must ask for strategies in the community. 

One of the things that is pissing me off about this dungeon is that it takes place in the main arc before defeating Lambda, which means Richard isn't part of the gang. I was already used to having him in the party so I'm gonna miss him. There a nice method to having him back though. You can craft dolls made in the image of the party members and equip them in someone so they "transform" into said person, example, you can equip Sophie with a Richard doll and she'll transform into Richard in battle, nice!

But the thing is that with the huge backlog I have, I'm not sure about spending so much more time in this game. I actually want to but I feel the real need to just go finish new titles. If I come up or find a good strategy for the extra dungeon I'll finish it and be done with it. But the rest of the sidequests and things I pretty sure I won't do, just like in Xenoblade and Final Fantasy XIII-2 (though obtaining all fragments in XIII-2 is still part of my plans).

In other news, I finally tried Halo 4's multiplayer and Spartan Ops and while I'm not in awe and I don't LOVE it, I had tons of fun. The maps are nice to me and the game modes I like are there. I don't really like the Spartans new armors and the fact that you can't play as an Elite. But the multiplayer overall is really cool. I managed to kill a lot of people with the DMR, Battle Rifle, SAW and Needler. Definitely my four favorite weapons in the game so far. 

During the next days I'll be trying to play a little more Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to really be able to make a nice review for it for the site. I don't want to rush it or simply write things that are wrong about it, especially given the past that franchise has with me (used to hate it for being a blind DOA fanboy). I want to at least write three or four more reviews before the blog turns two-years old. They're going to be for Halo 4, Tekken Tag Tournamet 2 and of course, Tales of Graces f.

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