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Another Menace incoming

There's this figure that's been catching my attention for like two years now. It's a version of Menace, the Egyptian busty beauty from the anime series Queen's Blade, which I'm actually a fan of. I've been interested in the figure but a long time but the empty stocks of it in Amazon and the usually-high prices made me avoid buying her until now. I found it for quite a reasonable price so I decided to just go with it.

During all this time, I've kept my eye out for reviews, photo galleries and opinions in general from the public, especially people who really seem to know what they're talking about when it comes to these things. And all I seem to find are universally positive reviews. This version of Menace is much different from the one I already own. The most noticeable thing is that here, she's wearing her normal outfit from the anime, instead of a regular bikini, she seems to be much taller too, standing at around 26cms tall (the bikini one is just about 19 from her feet to the hands above the head) and the outfit seems to be removable.

The quality seems to be quite high and the figure itself somewhat rare to find at a "good" price. She's usually very expensive, even if you go for preowned ones in sites like eBay. There's an even rarer figure of Melona, the pink-haired girl who is always seen with Menace in the anime made by the same company but that one is simply impossible to find. Tough luck for Melona fans.

Mine will come from Japan so it's gonna be a few weeks before it gets here. I'll just have to keep an eye for the tracking of the package and be sure to make a cool photo gallery to post here when I get her. With luck, my gallery of this version of Menace will get just as popular as the one from the bikini figure I took way before. If you search "Queen's Blade Menace figure" in Google, most of the first image results are mine, what's up with that!¿

Anyway, I'm very happy and very excited to finally own this figure, it's one of the figures I've wanted the most in the last two years so I'm relieved I own one now. There are still others interesting me like Nathan Drake, Master Chief and Gabranth from Play Arts Kai and some Marvel superheroes from Marvel Selects but those will have to wait... ah! These pics posted here aren't mine of course. So credit goes to whoever took them.

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  1. Menace is my favorite you can watch and comment on the tribute I made for Menace on my Youtubechannel:)

    heres the link