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Code of Princess first impressions!

My copy of Code of Princess for the Nintendo 3DS arrived this friday and I finally got a chance to try it out. Overall, the game seems pretty good, complete, deep and challenging but there are a couple of issues with the graphics and English voice-acting that I don't like much. The game is about a group of four characters with a protagonist named Solange, a very beautiful blonde princess with a really skimpy outfit and a huge sword she has to protect from some evil dudes. Along the way the meets several other characters who can join her group and have missions of their own.

The game is a nice mix between a beat-em-up and a JRPG. You choose a character and a mission and you'll be put in a specific area to kill every enemy. The game is actually 2D but the are some planes of movement and your character can move up or down to reach them. This part is very similar to Tales of Rebirth, one of the Tales games that never made it out of Japan.

I already played with the four main protagonists and they're all pretty cool. Solange is a bit slow but her attacks have excellent reach and deal plenty of damage. Ali is a thief with excellent speed and combo abilities, Lady Zozo seems to be a mage with AOE spells to hurt most of the things in screen while Allegro is a bard who can use his... guitar to emit sound waves to damage oponents.

Gameplay-wise everything seems to be really nice. Outside Solange, Ali, Zozo and Allegro are 50+ characters to choose from. Multiplayer allows people to play as almost anything. Even the generic knights the game throws out at you in the campaing. Sadly, I tried to play online several times and didn't find anyone. I hope I was just unlucky because the game seems very cool. Multiplayer can also be played offline with other players with 3DS consoles of their own both cooperatively or against each other.

The graphics aren't very good to be honest, the game seems to use some pixelated sprites that move nicely but one can't help but compare how some great games looks in the console (Ocarina of Time, Mario 3D Land) with Code of Princess. The areas you play on do look pretty nice though. The only other thing I don't like is the English voice-acting, which is really mediocre so far. I watched a lot of gameplay videos and trailers before buying the game and thought the Japanese voices were selectable, but it doesn't look like it. A shame. Overall, and from my very little experience with it, I recommend the game.

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