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First post of 2013 and gaming plans

It's officially 2013 where I live and I'm having a blast eating way too much Spanish food with my entire family (though my girlfriend is not in the country sadly). I'm pretty optimistic about what 2013 will bring to me in every aspect of life and I really hope many good things will happen and good news will be received. 

But now, for my gaming plans, which is what this site is supposed to be about in reality. There are quite a lot of new games I got for these holidays and I'm currently in process of finishing Persona 4 Golden, Dynasty Warriors Next, Little Big Planet Vita, Otomedius Excellent and Portal 2. More are on the way like Rayman Origins, Code of Princess, Lollipop Chainsaw, etc and of course there's Halo 4 and my fighting games like Virtua, DOA and Tekken Tag 2. (which will be my first review for 2013). 

I think that 2013 will most likely see me create an actual level in Little Big Planet, I'm still not sure if I'll choose LBP2 on PS3 or the Vita game but I'm really feeling like doing it. It's something I just feel I need to do. Besides, LBP Vita is really awesome, much better than the PSP one.

As I tried to do during most of 2012, I'll keep my efforts on enjoying as many different genres as I possibly can. Besides casual gaming, the thing I hate the most about players nowdays is how they force themselves to stick to a single type of game all the time. I know a lot who play exclusively JRPGs, exclusively shooters or exclusively fighters and that's really lame in my opinion. I was very satisfied today when I looked at the boxes of my Christmas games and most of them are of a different genre. Filled me with joy.

So that. I'll work hard for 2013 to be a good year for all things gaming, anime, literature, comics, movies and of course, life itself which is the really important thing and I truly wish the same to everyone who shares my hobbies and way of life. Let's keep making gaming and geeky things in general as awesome as they deserve to be. Cheers!

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