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The Force Unleashed playthrough impressions

I recently started my very first playthrough in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Xbox 360. This is actually quite an old game. It came out back in 2008 I think and it took me quite a while to buy and play it, even though I'm actually a big fan of Star Wars. Sadly, the game isn't as good as one would expect, many things in it are very nice but several other key points in gameplay ruin the overall experience so I can now understand why these games don't get much praise.

The Force Unleashed takes place several years after Episode III when the galactic Empire is already formed. Darth Vader takes on a secret apprentice on a plot to overthrow Sidious. This apprentice, named Galen Marek (known in the game as Starkiller) is a strong Force sensitive Dark Jedi who find himself traveling all over the galaxy on Vader's orders to kill the remaining Jedi knights and masters.

Story-wise, the game is quite nice and interesting, especially if you're a fan of the Star Wars universe like me. You'll visit many interesting planets and interact with tons of awesome characters both enemies and allies. The music takes several of the best tunes from the movies so that part is quite good (the very first mission lets you play as Vader on Kashyyyk to wreck havoc with the Imperial March, it's beautiful). The gameplay, on the other hand is somewhat mediocre, tons of bugs and glitches are easily noticeable and hinder the experience and the combat is not as good as it should be. Also, the targeting system for Force powers is broken, retarded and a pain in the ass to use. 

Starkiller is a Dark Jedi so he'll engage enemies using only the Force and his lightsaber (which he weilds on reverse-grip). No blasters or ships will be used in the whole game. But that's not the problem. Being a Jedi, Starkiller has all the tools to fight and win but the gameplay system is what many times stops him. Lightsaber combat is alright, a shame that it doesn't dismember enemies and are many times stopped by materials that should not stop them, like wooden sticks. But taking that out, the force powers are a pain to use. He has grip to move objects and throw them around but while he does this he can't move so doing it when surrounded by tons of enemies is a no go. 

Force Lightning and Push are there too but feel too underpowered, mainly because the targeting system is bad. When running around, Starkiller will be able to lock on to objects or enemies to use the Force on. but sometimes, the game simply decides not to aim right. It's normal for Starkiller to be directly in front of an enemy with NOTHING else around, you press Y to throw lightning but nope, the dude fires the thing to the wrong direction. It's annoying and retarded.

Since I'm playing in Hard to enjoy the game how it is supposed to be, I find myself dying many times because of this. Group of stormtroopers in front¿ let's Force push them out of the way! well no, Starkiller just force pushed a boulder instead and lost half his Force bar. AT ST or Rancor giving trouble¿ let's throw this explosive object at it! Well nope, Starkiller just decided to throw it NEXT to the target. 

Hopefully, the game is close to the end because this targeting system for Force powers is really hindering my experience with a game I was really excited about. Still, while this big problem is present, the game is not necessarily bad. It's better than any God of War game I've played and I get to use a lightsaber. Nice! I'll of course be reviewing the game very soon once I finish it with another full article dedicated to analyzing the whole game instead of bitching about it's negative parts.

Which reminds me that an avalanche of reviews are coming in the following weeks. Right now I'm making the final touches in Dynasty Warriors Next, Persona 4 Golden, Otomedius Excellent, Hatsune Miku Project Diva F and this Force Unleashed game so I expect those to be my next reviews in short term (a month or so). 

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