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Four RPGs at the same time¿

When it comes to playing story-based games, I usually tend to stick with only one or maybe two max. But right now, I'm so obsessed with finishing games in my backlog that I'm considering going all-out on a few RPGs at the same time. I'm currently on my second run of Persona 4 Golden and playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I'm really enjoying both games but I'm definitely adding Ni No Kuni to the mix. It's a game that I've had for a few days now and I haven't started it and that is annoying me a lot.

Now I fear that once I get far in Ni No Kuni and Deus Ex, I'll probably stop Persona 4 before the end because I already finished that game, something I truly DON'T want. But things get much more complicated now that I've put the thought in my head about going through a classic RPG like Persona 1, Final Fantasy V or something like that. 

I know that I could handle four RPGs but I fear that I might get the stories and gameplay confused between game sessions. And since I usually play them for several hours at a time I'm sure that I couldn't play them all everyday, which is a real shame so I'm not really sure how to do it.

Persona 4 doesn't really worry me because I can just pick it up every two or three days and have fun with it but the other games: Deus Ex, Ni No Kuni and a possible third might start to attack my heavy OCD... Besides all this, there's a bunch of non-RPG games I'm currently playing, have to start and need to review very soon like Forza Horizon, Dead or Alive 5, Persona 4 Arena, Project Diva f, Code of Princess, Dynasty Warriors Next and Otomedius Excellent (a game I'm still playing)... what the hell am I going to do!¿

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