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Persona 4 Golden second playthrough

A few days ago I started a second playthrough for Persona 4 Golden, for the Vita. This time though, I decided to go at it on Hard mode. Meaning that enemies will be much more dangerous. I just finished Kanji's Sauna dungeon and I'm sweating blood. Most enemies' attacks hurt a lot and a single battle can put a full HP party on a serious situation in just a couple of turns.

That means that I actually have to learn how to play the real game instead of just attacking weaknesses and going for all-out attacks. Mudo and Hama became lifesavers just like Yosuke's Silence spells. Some of the most dangerous enemies in the game so far are the stupid mages in Yukiko and Kanji's dungeons so silencing them with Yosuke proves to be an excellent strategy. 

Shadow bosses were extremely hard, I actually almost got killed by Chie because she kept protecting her weakness so I couldn't use the all-out attack. Shadow Yukiko almost made me give up on playing on Hard but I finally defeated her with the proper strategy. 

I dunno, I just couldn't let this game sit after I enjoyed it so much. I wasn't lying when I said this is probably one of the best JRPGs I've ever played, It's that good. Story, narrative, visuals, soundtrack, gameplay, characters, battle system. All of those are some of the best in the entire industry. I just couldn't help but play it all again. I'm also taking the opportunity to try and max more social links. 

It's sad that so many players out there can't appreciate games like Persona 4. Though it's actually very popular among the RPG fanbase, I find it extremely unfair that stuff like Assassin's Creed or Call of Duty are literally eating the whole industry alive while some of these superior games sometimes don't even make it out of Japan (I'm looking at you Tales, Atelier). Playing a generic shooter than doesn't add anything at all over a game like Persona 4 is just retarded in my opinion. But oh well, tastes are tastes. 

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