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PHOTOSET: Queen's Blade - Menace Ancient Princess 1/7 Castoff PVC Figure

This is a figure that I've had my eye on for a looong time. When I originally watched the Queen's Blade anime, my favorite character in the series was the Cleopatra cameo Menace. She's very beautiful and funny so I went and bought a small but excellent figure of her wearing a bikini. But even though I owned that version of her, this one always had my attention but two things kept me away from buying her. First, the insanely high price (200+ dollars) and second, it's really hard to find her new.

Fortunately for me, I stumbled upon a nice article in Amazon during Christmas break that offered her at a much, much lower price than usual and she was new so I didn't think twice about it and bought her. When she arrived, the first thing I noticed was that she's pretty big. I'm used to my figures being 15-20 cms tall but this Menace is around 28 including the base she stands on. Her skin is perfectly painted just like the outfit and her cat staff. She has a pretty cute expression in her face and the pose is really sexy. Her abdomen is really detailed too just like her hands and feet, two parts of the body figures rarely get right.

The breastplate is removable if you want to have her topless and even while wearing it, her breasts are visible if she's standing in a higher-than-you place so I send a fair warning not to put her in a high place. Other than that she's really, really beautiful and well-made. I can understand now why she's usually so expensive and wanted among figure collectors, even ones who don't care a damn about Queen's Blade. This Menace is an excellent figure and quite possible on my top 5 ever.

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