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PlayStation 4 officially announced

Sony has just officially announced their new home console. The PlayStation 4 will be a huge step forwards compared to the PS3. In a big and very elegant press conference in NYC, Sony talked about the future of gaming with PlayStation along with several important developers like Guerrilla Games, Square-Enix and even Bungie.

One of the new very cool featured the PS4 will have is the ability to share and watch streams of people playing games, help them out when their stuck (or ask for help yourself) and even play digital games AS they're downloading. The console is confirmed to have backwards compatibility with all PlayStation games from PSOne to PS3 though I don't think the feature will be available to use at launch. Another cool feature is that Sony wants every single PS4 title to be able to be played via Remote Play on Vita, this could come in handy in several situations and depending on the game, it could be very cool. 

The first official title announced was Knack, a mascot action game that to be honest, doesn't look very good. Other titles include Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son as well as a new Move title from Media Molecule and a new Western-RPG style game from Capcom that looks quite a bit like Demons' Souls.

The controller is very similar to the DualShock 3. The start and select buttons are gone and replaced with a touch panel similar to the backside of the Vita and a new "Share" button is included to upload gameplay videos of what you're playing. One of the coolest features of the new console in my opinion.

As for a price and release date, they still haven't said anything but I'll be sure to update with the info. For now, I'm actually very excited for the console. It really looks like it's going to be very powerful and the new stuff included seems to be worth it. I really hope the games will be as good as they seem because Sony needs to remember that power and pretty features aren't everything, the games are.

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