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The Force Unleashed II started

After finishing the first game in the series a couple times, I immediately started the second and I'm quite impressed. Reviews from critics claim it's not that good but the first two missions were pretty awesome. The Force Unleashed II gives me the feeling that the targeting system issue for force powers was improved by a lot. It just feels much more comfortable.

It's graphically excellent unlike the first that already feels a bit dated. Music is amazing as well and the first two locations, Kamino and Cato Namodia were very beautiful, something I can't say of any of the planets I visited on the first game. So to be honest, so far so good.

Controls are very similar to the first game but animations were changed because Starkiller now uses two lightsabers instead of one. The fact that he still wields them on reverse-grip makes for some pretty cool moves. Force Lightning, Lightsaber Throw and Force Push seem awesome as well, haven't had the chance to try out Force Repulse or Lightning Shield yet. 

I've already unlocked quite a few crystals and tried several of them, there are blue, green, pink, orange, red and yellow so far. I'm expecting to at least get to try the black again or a silver lightsaber which never made it into the first game. 

From a very early opinion I can say the game is very cool and again, much better than any God of War game I've played (I can't believe that franchise is so overrated) so I recommend it not only to Star Wars lovers but action game fans in general. I'll most likely be reviewing the first tomorrow in a small article and take a couple more days to write the one on Persona 4 Golden which will require a little more care since it's a deeper game. 

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