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Let's go back to the anime world

If there's something I've stopped doing for the last several months, is sitting my ass down and watch good anime. I seriously tried to get into this wave of live-action American series that are so popular like The Walking Dead and the truth is that other than House M.D and Game of Thrones, none of them are appealing to me at all. So after I stumbled upon a nice Facebook page that randomly shares anime shit I found another website called that works wonders to download anime episodes and series via torrent. It's VERY cool. 

I went and got the first eight episodes of Tamako Market and the entire first season of Bokuwa Tomodachi-ga Sukunai. A series that is extremely popular in communities like 4chan to give it a go and resumed my tower of DVDs to give a second run of another series I liked but only watched once like Gundam 00.

Tamako Market is a moe series from the same creators of K-On and Bokuwa Tomodachi-ga Sukunai (also known simply as Haganai) is a high school comedy about a bunch of guys and hot girls making a weird school club. Both fall into the comedy genre so I'm pretty good with that. I like those series and to say the truth, I'm currently finding those much more interesting and entertaining than action-based series that usually become extremely predictable in the first few episodes.

My plan is to start taking anime more into consideration when spending free time at home instead of automatically turning on a console to play. And of course, mentioning the series I like and don't like here in the blog. Besides all that, I'm joining an online community to try and make some friends worldwide who like the thing so they can give me opinions on what to watch, what to avoid and get recommendations from them. So I guess I'll be talking a lot more about anime now.

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