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Ni No Kuni!

I'm really hooked to Ni No Kuni now, today I played about 6 straight hours of it and it seems like I can't get enough of the charm and battle system of the game. But a small issue is annoying me a little. The game appears to focus a lot on grinding to make Familiars useful. When you catch a new creature or evolve one that you already have, their level goes back to 1 so you have to spend a LOT of time grinding them to see if they're useful or not. 

It already happened to me twice that I start to level up a Familiar only to be disappointed by the results later on and end up abandoning it. It's a little bit annoying. So far, I'm just trying to play the game with the creatures I started with. Like the Mite, the monkey from the first town and the little fairy from the second forest (which is really, REALLY powerful). 

Changing subject, I know I've been kind of away from the place in the last days but I've been focusing a lot on gaming, Anime and my girlfriend but I do have some plans to write up a few longer articles like reviews and Anime stuff. I gotta get on that during the weekend. 

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