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Tamako Market is an Anime series being aired in Japan right now. The final version will have a total of twelve episodes but as of right now, only nine have been aired (I'm downloading that one right now). The series is made by the same artists from K-On so it's moe with high-school girls being cute and doing cute things. 

Fans of the genre will definitely like it because it resembles some of the best things from similar Animes, the characters are likable, the story is cool and overall it's pretty funny. Tamako is the main character, a Japanese high-school girl who works in her family's mochi store (rice cake). She loves shopping around a market where she lives and has some pretty friends at school, a guy who secretly likes her and other random friends like a "lady" who sells flowers but somehow's got a manly voice. 

Things get weird when a pretty fat talking bird arrives at the shopping distric to live with Tamako and her family claiming to be from a royal family and looking for a prince's bride. The series is very weird and many stuff simply don't make sense, but the sum of all is pretty entertaining so I believe it will get really famous in a short time. 

The first two episodes have Tamako convince her neighbors to decorate the shopping district for Valentine's Day and work for New Year's Eve so I'm pretty sure we'll be seing things like Summer camp, school trips and a beach episode with the girls and the bird smashing a watermelon. Like in most Animes out there. You can find torrents to download the first nine episodes in so I recommend giving it a try. 

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