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Time for adventure...

Ni No Kuni is exactly the kind of game I needed to keep my hope in the gaming industry alive. Especially after the majestic experience that was (and is) Persona 4 Golden. This game really seems to take the word "adventure" very seriously because that's the best way to describe it, a wonderful adventure. 

I'm just a little after getting to Al Mamoon, trying to restore Esther's heart by finding her soulmate in Motorville and I'm just in love with this game. The level of detail in every single location, the sidequests (and the game's incentive to finish them), the battle system and the wonderful orchestrated music is the perfect mix for a JRPG fan like me. These fucking games aren't done with. They're as strong as they've always been, just less popular because of the casual and shooter market is louder.

From now on, I will seriously advice every PS3 owner I know that I consider a good gamer to buy this masterpiece and more importantly, play it. I'm only in the beginning and I already think it's quite possibly the best exclusive JRPG in the PlayStation 3. Trust me, it's that good.

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