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Deus Ex Human Revolution finished!

I finally finished Deus Ex Human Revolution. Amazing game with terrible bosses that to be quite honest, kinda destroyed the entire experience for me. I was scared about the final boss being as painful as the other three but fortunately, it was pretty fucking cool. 

There's a way to even kill the boss EASILY with the Laser Rifle if you happen to have it in your inventory. But even without it, the boss has many ways to be dealt with. And all of them are pretty fun, just like the missions themselves. I was always surprised about how many ways the game presented before me to reach my objectives. It's very good and in all honesty, the game deserves more than one playthrough.

Sadly though, I won't be able to because I have a huge backlog that I want to keep working on. I'll be writing a review for the game very soon so I hope I'll have time for it during the week.

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