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Razor's Edge FINISHED!

I just finished Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge and what a pleasant surprise that game was. A year ago when the vanilla version came out, I predicted it was gonna be really bad because we could simply tell from the trailers and gameplay videos comparing them to Ninja Gaiden Black (one of my favorite games ever). Of course, the final product ended up being terrible and in my personal case, I prefer to think I paid for the DOA5 Alpha demo and got NG3 as a free bonus. 

When Razor's Edge was announced for the Wii U and later for PS360, I was really doubtful about it because there were so many things to fix and change that it seemed impossible to make anything good out of that mess but once again, Team NINJA has surprised me with yet another fantastic remake. Razor's Edge is extremely good.

The gameplay completely changed so Obliteration Techniques from Ninja Gaiden II are back, the fights now feel like a Ninja Gaiden game instead of a Dynasty Warriors one. It requires tons of skill because healing items are gone so we need to administer the little health we have with a new gameplay mechanic called "Steel on Bone" that allows us to counter attack certain enemy throws for some really brutal one-hit kills that give some extra health.

While the Dynasty Warriors feeling is definitely gone, the fights in Razor's Edge feature a lot of enemies that keep appearing as their buddies die but this time, it's just more fun and it simply feels right. Ryu got several new weapons that weren't present in vanilla like the the Kusari-gama, Lunar Staff and Dual Katanas. All weapons feel different and have their uses. In fact, some enemies are weaker to some especific weapons this time. Ninpo spells taken from Ninja Gaiden II are back like the Art of the Wind Blades and the Black Hole Ryu shoots. 

Ayane has a couple of stages in Story Mode and she feels much better than in Sigma 2 where she was already incredible. Momiji is playable in Ninja Trials and Chapter Challenge (two new Game Modes) and while Rachel is nowhere to be seen, we got Kasumi in her place and she's INSANE. I really never thought I'd see Kasumi dismembering enemies so brutally without any mercy after so many years of seeing her innocent childish attitude in Dead or Alive. I like this Kasumi much more than the sweet girl from the fighting game.

The gore is back, just like in Ninja Gaiden II where enemies drop fountains of blood. It reminds me of a Mortal Kombat game. It's that exaggerated but it looks amazing. Several of the shitty sections from vanilla are either gone, like the soldier begging for mercy only to be killed anyway by Busa, or heavily simplified like the part where Busa had to carry a little girl on a hallway filled with monsters. Now that part is just two monsters trying to take away the girl and it can be dealt with in about 10 seconds.

The only thing that didn't change was the plot itself. That one is still pretty bad and laughable. I really wonder if Team NINJA even have writers on their staff sometimes because Ninja Gaiden and DOA games seriously have shitty storylines but well, nothing can be perfect. The incredibly good gameplay and overall remade game more than makes up for the crappy plot. 

I haven't had the chance to try multiplayer yet and I'm not expecting much but who knows¿ I could be in for another cool surprise. For now, I'll just focus on Ninja Trials and Chapter Challenge with the four characters to unlock all their skills and costumes. Damn, this game is seriously good!

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