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HyperNep finally started

It took me about two years but I've finally started Hyperdimension Neptunia. It wasn't really in my plans as I was actually wanting to jump straight to mk2 and Victory but I just couldn't let the first title in the series untouched. I'm just like that. I knew the game was not going to be very good and that I was most likely going to drop it very soon but surprisingly, I've found myself quite hooked to it in the last two nights.

I wrote a small opinion article about it when I first got it, stating how I hated the narrative, graphics, music and gameplay and to be honest; most of the points still stand. I still think the game is very weak in pretty much every aspect but there's one of those impossible-to-explain sparks that actually have me glued to the game. 

Hyperdimension Neptunia is about a former goddess of a world called Gameindustry (yes, a parody of the video game industry) who is cast down to the world of humans by her sisters. Her name is Neptune and she's quite cool. She's trying to save the world from some monsters or something like that together with two other girls names Compa (named after Compile Heart) and IF (named after Idea Factory). 

The game setting is a parody of the video game industry as I mentioned, with the goddesses each representing a current-gen console and Neptune being that Sega console of the same name that never got released. The entire narrative is full of jokes about gaming that are actually nice and together with a FANTASTIC English voice acting have proven to be a good insentive to endure the problems in the rest of the game.

There are a lot of things wrong in HyperNep. The graphics are really bad, worse than PS2 standards, animations are poor and gameplay outside battles is very poor as well with exploration, menus and presentation being weak and rather boring. The battle system has tons of potential but is slow-paced and has several issues I'll explain in an eventual review of the game. I'm wearing a huge patience armor to endure this game but at the same time, I truly can't say I hate it. 

What is keeping me playing this is the fact that pretty much everyone online states mk2 and Victory are very nice and I feel those two games waiting for me. I seem to suffer from OCD so it was impossible for me to leave the first game unplayed. Besides, it appears to be rather short at about 20 hours (I hope) and it's also very easy it seems so I'll try to be done with it as fast a I can.

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